About the National Quality Standard

What are they?

The National Quality Standard Awards (previously known as the White Flag Awards), have been in operation since 2001 and are the only industry specific award for the Leisure, Health and Fitness sector in Ireland. They are the most sought-after and respected accolades in the industry and awards across the three levels of Outstanding, Exceeded and Achieved.

Why should you apply?

  • Ensure the highest standards are provided in the areas of Customer Engagement, HR, Safety and Hygiene
  • Lead by example in terms of professionalising the Leisure, Health & Fitness industry
  • Enhance your reputation within the Leisure, Health & Fitness industry
  • Attend a special evening awards ceremony in November to celebrate your achievements

How to apply?

The Ireland Active Conference and NQS Awards were held last year on the 17th of November at the Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny.

Information related to our 2024 event will be released shortly.

If you have any queries, please contact NQS@irelandactive.ie

For more information, make sure to follow our social media channels to keep up to date regarding NQS.

”We will be applying again this year. My team and I want to keep up the standards we have achieved to date and are constantly working towards satisfying elements of the criteria that we are currently not achieving. I think that any award that gives you the drive and determination year after year to do better is well worth the time and commitment.”

Joanna Hubbard, Anner Hotel