About the National Quality Standard

The National Quality Standard Awards (previously known as the White Flag Awards), have been in operation since 2001 and are the only industry specific award for the Leisure, Health and Fitness sector in Ireland. They are the most sought-after and respected accolades in the industry and awards across the three levels of Outstanding, Exceeded and Achieved.

This year, 79 facilities nationwide were awarded, with five facilities also awarded an ‘Overall Winner’ award in different categories, having been recognised for their remarkable high standards in safety, hygiene, customer engagement and human resources.

Why should you apply?

  • Be leaders in professionalising the leisure, health and fitness industry
  • Better your reputation within the Leisure, Health and Fitness Sector
  • Attend a special evening awards ceremony in November to celebrate your achievements
  • Ensure the highest standards are provided in the areas of customer engagement, HR, safety and Hygiene
  • Ability to know where your facility is very strong and where the organisation needs to improve next year

”We will be applying again this year. My team and I want to keep up the standards we have achieved to date and are constantly working towards satisfying elements of the criteria that we are currently not achieving. I think that any award that gives you the drive and determination year after year to do better is well worth the time and commitment.”

Joanna Hubbard, Anner Hotel

How to apply?

Applications open on the 23rd May and close on the 24th June.

All applications are made online www.irelandactive.ie. A 30 day period is available for you to complete the application, you may return to the application form as many times as necessary during this period. Your data will be stored (provided you use the ‘save answer’ function) each time you edit the form.

There is a disclaimer which will need to be signed and returned to the Ireland Active Office prior to your application being audited.

All applicants must be current Ireland Active members and be in operation for more than 6 months.

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