Shape My Plan

Shape My Plan provides affordable online meal plans for the fitness industry which people can sustain due to its variety, flexibility, family friendly and balanced approach. All meal plans are personalised to the goals of each individual, whether that is to lose weight, maintain weight or gain muscle.

The company was set up by Edel Littleton and Marie Duffy and launched in August 2018. The idea came about when they did a few 6-week challenges in their local gym where they were both given the exact same unsustainable meal plans regardless of gender, weight or goal. They began compiling healthy recipes which were tasty, easy to cook with everyday ingredients and Shape My Plan was born. During this time Marie lost over 2 stone following the plan.

The company’s mission is to allow people to eat the food they love, while permanently changing their eating habits.
Shape My Plan is available to the fitness industry from personal trainers, gyms, leisure centres and hotel groups and then they provide the service to their clients. The gym is perceived to be adding value to their client’s membership while also taking a huge amount of work away from them. They have a range of affordable packages available to suit every fitness business. They are also selling directly to individuals who want to change their current eating habits.

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