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Hello GoodLife Health & Wellbeing is rolling out innovative cutting-edge power assisted equipment across Ireland for the first time. We are not just about supplying equipment; we’re about creating customized health & wellbeing hubs for every BODY over 50. With Ireland’s growing over 50s population, there is a growing need for inclusive exercise solutions and Hello GoodLife Health & Wellbeing is set to support operators to optimize this market & generate and tap into new healthy revenue streams by utilizing a health & wellbeing research & science led model.

Hello Goodlife Health & Wellbeing Hubs offer a holistic and inclusive approach to health and well-being. The cutting edge innovative power-assisted exercise equipment which is NEW to Ireland makes physical activity more accessible, and the Hello GoodLife Health & Wellbeing Hubs provide a supportive, community-driven environment where individuals can focus on their overall health & well-being. Together, these components aim to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives right up into their 90s embracing a positive, good life by actively engaging in activities that are not just beneficial for physical health but also nurture social and mental well-being.

The hub starts with the recognition that health and well-being are not isolated aspects of life but are interconnected, affecting our physical, social, and mental dimensions. These hubs are a new concept using a new revolutionary power assisted exercise circuit to power health and overall wellbeing & are designed & customised for every BODY aged 50 and over.

The circuit is 12 machines with up to 3 minutes on each machine so in less than 40 minutes a complete body work out is achieved and every muscle in the body is exercised. Furthermore, the “Hello Goodlife” hub places a strong emphasis on the social aspect of well-being. It understands that humans are social creatures and that connecting with others is essential for a fulfilling life.

The hub promotes group activities, support networks, and communities that foster social interactions and build lasting relationships. These connections not only enhance physical health but also contribute to mental & emotional well-being.

Get Ahead!

We provide a complete turn-key solution if required and we guide and support operators in bringing the Hub concept to life. Ireland’s first Hello GoodLife Health & Wellbeing Hub opened in Castle Leisure Club, Castlebar, Co. Mayo in January 2024 officially launched by the Minister with responsibility for public health and wellbeing. After completing a taster session and induction membership of the Hello GoodLife Hub in Castlebar is now at almost 300 signed up members.

Range of products

In addition to Hello GoodLife Health & Wellbeing Hubs we also supply, distribute and service Innerva U.K’s ranges of power assisted exercise equipment and circuits.

  • Website: hellogoodlife.ie
    Contact: info@hellogoodlife.ie


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