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Eurofins Environment Testing Ireland are leading environmental laboratories providing fully accredited analytical testing and monitoring services to both the public and private sectors. We provide sampling and collection services from our laboratory in Cork and our Midlands HUB in Portlaoise.

We are regarded as the water specialists covering all aspects of the aquatic environment from clean water to waste water and the soil it comes in contact with. Our services cover both routine and specialised testing such as;

• Domestic Drinking/Potable Water

• Large Scale Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

• Compliance Monitoring for Environmental Licensing

• Nation quality Standard (White Flag) for Recreational Waters

• Q-Rating/SSRA on Surface Waters

• Legionella

• Cryptosporidium and Giardia

• Waste Acceptance Criteria

• Mobile Laboratory

• Out of Hours Services

• Bespoke Analysis

We offer a partnership approach to laboratory services and our clients value our customer service, openness and support. We are told that this is the very attribute that sets us apart from other laboratory providers.

Working closely with the industry we understand the importance of real-time results and to this end we have developed a client specific online portal whereby our customers can log in and retrieve preliminary sample results and completed technical reports along with the option to book samples directly into our laboratory using the portals ordering section eliminating handwritten COC’s.

We have a team of trained technicians who carry out a sampling and collection service. We offer an out of hours service where required.

We are available to discuss and offer practical support on customer project operations such as sampling schedules, equipment hire and provision of technical staff.

Ph: 0818 252526


Address: Hoffman Park, Little Island, Cork, T45PC80

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