Ashbrook Facilities Management (AFM) Ireland and its sister company “Ireco Supplies” is a facilities management company specialising in industrial and contract cleaning services and the provision of eco-friendly products, janitorial supplies, catering supplies, medical consumables and specialised chemicals. We also specialize in providing additional soft services based on client requirements.

The company effectively developed 2 types of services for its clients. Firstly, the contract cleaning and soft services side of the business and secondly the supply of consumable products which provided a one stop shop for our clients. This combination allows us to develop a partnership agreement with our clients which in turn allows our clients to focus on their core business. We effectively manage the contracts in a seamless manner for the client ensuring minimum disruption and a cost effective service.

Ireco supplies has evolved into a standalone sister company to AFM in order to provide a bespoke service to cater for our client’s needs. We discovered that one size does not fit all and in recognizing this we developed a process which allows us to supply our clients according to their needs. We have found this to be successful and it allows us to respond at short notice to ensure minimum supply levels are maintained on each client site.


  1. Office, commercial and residential contract cleaning services
  2. Window and cladding cleaning services to commercial and residential sector
  3. Carpet / Upholstery cleaning
  4. Building maintenance services to the commercial sector
  5. Recycling services to the commercial sector
  6. Laundry and wash room services
  7. Painting services
  8. Specialist exterior cleaning
  9. Graffiti removal, pressure washing and steam cleaning
  10. Deep kitchen cleaning plus extraction units
  11. Ground / garden maintenance and landscaping
  12. Waste management services to the commercial sector
  13. Pest control services
  14. Feminine hygiene services
  15. Static Security
  16. Key Holding & Alarm Response
  17. Event Security
  18. Emergency Lightening


  1. Eco Label Paper
  2. Bio Degradable Products
  3. Catering supplies / packaging
  4. Napkins & Cutlery
  5. Plates & Bowls
  6. Specialist Chemical Supplies
  7. Floor maintenance/cleaning machines

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