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Ireland Active reached out to our member suppliers for supports for the industry. See below. If you are a member supplier and have resources that may be of use to Ireland Active member facilities please get in touch Click company logo for a direct link to the company webpage

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Have you considered that now is the perfect time to service, renovate or redesign your gym?

Our expert teams are available to discuss and advise on helping you maximise this downtime to assess and improve your facilities, and to navigate relaunching your gym in the “new normal”.

With over 40 years’ experience in the Sports & Fitness Industry nationwide, and 15 years’ experience in the field of gym equipment maintenance, we pride ourselves on being Ireland’s leading experts in gym design, quality preventative and reactive services, repairs & safety checks. See our list of services attached.

As regulations are lifted, differentiation will be more important than ever. Ensure your studio or gym is prepared, meets all requirements and is in the highest working order before opening your doors. Come out on top with our help!

If you have a query or if you would like to schedule a consultation, equipment service or repair, please get in touch with our team.

Following feedback and engagement from our partners in the UK & Ireland. We understand how challenging it must be for your organisation right now with the closure of your facilities and freezing of membership dues. Sudden drops in revenue require difficult decisions to be taken daily and enormous efforts from our leaders and wider teams to battle through.

Since COVID-19 reached the UK & Ireland shores, our team has doubled efforts to help partners tackle the unprecedented challenges facing our industry. Our team has been working tirelessly to provide expertise, high-class content, and agile solutions to support your organisation. This has included:

  • Free 60-day access to Les Mills on Demand (LMOD) for you to support your members with a world-class home workout solution to keep them active and engaged with your facilities.
  • Creation of 23 (and counting) new workouts with license-free music for your Instructors to deliver to members via livestream.
  • Unlimited access to marketing tools and assets, to engage members and grow your brand.
  • Ongoing training and education sessions to upskill your Instructors and customer facing teams.

Scaling up LMOD capacity to support the sudden influx of consumers has added to our financial pressure, but we are stepping up because we want to help, and we have valuable solutions to offer our partners during this tough time. There is, of course, a potential long-term mutual benefit from growth of the user-base, but for us each new user does not become cash-positive for 4 months (due to the 60-day free trial and music licensing costs per user), so this is also placing strain on cash flow.

While our focus remains on immediate solutions to help you through the lockdown, we are also developing tools to support your locations subsequent re-opening. This includes full-service relaunch support, plus tools to combine your physical presence with enhanced digital solutions, so that you can meet shifting consumer expectations and accelerate your growth.

As a valued Les Mills and Ireland Active member, we would like to extend our support to you all during these tough times. Please reach out to Blake Fletcher directly as your UK and Ireland Account Manager. We are serious in our commitment to build (and maintain) a healthy business as your survival is our survival!

Sport Innovations Ireland are pleased to let you know that we are providing you with FREE access to a new Coerver® HomeStudy site which is now live!

The NEW HomeStudy site is split into two sections:

  1. Skills – 36 x Skills:
    Ball Mastery & 1 v 1 Moves (12 x sets of 3 x skills)
  2. Challenges – 10 x Skill Challenges:
    Drills & Tests to stimulate players Technically, Physically & Psychologically

The content on the site allows for players to practice on their own and/or with a friend/sibling/grown-up at home (you’re never too old to learn new skills 🙂

All you have to do to access is register your details below.
Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the site link. 


“SOS is a full service Contract Cleaning Company and has been in operation for 20 years. We are fully Irish owned and the first Irish Cleaning company to be Carbon Neutral.

SOS was established as a property service company in 2000 and our Its main aim is to identify, specialise and provide a superior service to certain segments of the Property Management and Facilities Management and Leisure market.  

We have a wealth of experience in the Irish Property & the Facilities Market together with a strong local management team we are in a strong position to offer a wide range of superior services at competitive rates to the greater Dublin region. 

One of our core competencies is our ability to replicate and transfer best practices which we have accumulated over the last number of years of experience. It is the goal of SOS to deliver services of high quality, which meet the overall needs of people in order to secure a clean, safe, healthy, productive, comfortable climate and environment for work and leisure.  All our employees and operatives are also fully trained to the standards and techniques required for Covid – 19. 

It is our aim to optimise our customers satisfaction by constantly fulfilling or exceeding Expectations.  To promote job satisfaction and professional competence for our employees . In order to create an attractive, rewarding and safe working environment. SOS invests in  Staff development and training and operates internally according to principles of teamwork  and employee empowerment, staff are actively involved in decision making within their  own areas of operation and are encouraged to do so. 

  The corner stone of SOS success is embodied in a threefold commitment, to quality, training and improved productivity. Sustained growth is based on providing trained, skilled staff to carry out cleaning tasks specifically matched to each working environment. In industry, the only constant is change. With SOS it is a change for the better.” 

Continuity Readiness: Protecting the Health, Safety & Welfare of our People during Coronavirus

SeaChange has developed COVID-19 Risk Management Solutions that focus on ensuring effective business continuity, recovery and re-opening. Known as ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ their comprehensive programme of solutions covers all aspects of Health, Safety & Welfare at Work requirements, and elements can be implemented singly or as a package, depending on the stage of the ‘business continuity journey’ that you are on. SeaChange will carry out a COVID-19 H&S Risk Assessment/ Gaps Analysis to help you clarify your needs.

SeaChange ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ Solutions include:

  1. Site Recovery & Re-opening Support

Manage ongoing COVID-19 risk, reduce exposure to increase staff and customer confidence and strengthen recovery and re-opening efforts.

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

  1. Risk Assessment/ Gaps Analysis

Find out how prepared you are to operate safely through COVID-19; are the measures you are taking robust enough or are they excessive? Do you need to do more or less?

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

  1. COVID-19 Frontline Staff E-Training

Inform and upskill your frontline staff on the risks and associated controls for COVID-19 via our online training in topics such as Frontline Safety; PPE Use; Infection Control; Customer Safety; Site Security; Safety Behaviours etc.

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

  1. COVID-19 Routine Cleaning Checks available in our CAYGO® Digital Solution

This digital Housekeeping App is designed to ensure thorough cleaning is routinely completed, recorded and reported on to limit the exposure to infection.

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

  1. Rapid Response Programme

You will potentially have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your Business. Prepare for this now so that you are ready if/ when the time comes, and you can recover quickly.

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

  1. Remote/ Onsite Consultancy & Training

The SeaChange team of experts are well-placed to support you with your individual site requirements. We can address your more complex safety concerns, problems and issues, from managing behaviours to reorganising systems, we will be happy to help.

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

  1. COVID-19 Safety & Risk Management Signage

A visual communication plan is essential as part of the risk assessment process; incorporating safety signage, social distancing markers and other visual cues to ensure staff and customer safety awareness and safety behaviour compliance.

*Access more detailed information on this solution here

Contact SeaChange:

You can find out more about each SeaChange Solution by contacting Andrew on 085 861 9499 or

We hope this proves to be a helpful resource over the coming days/weeks ahead and we can’t wait to see you in action! If you fancy showcasing your skills and hard work to the world, make sure to tag us in on your post and we’ll share! Use @coervercoachingireland #CoerverHomeStudy