Ireland Active, the Association for the leisure, health and fitness industry urgently Call on Government to Reverse Cuts to EWSS Employment Supports

  • Failure to extend EWSS at the current level could have ramifications for the entire leisure, health and fitness industry
  • Continued supports are essential for the recovery of livelihoods 

Friday, 3rd December 2021: Ireland Active, the Association for the leisure, health and fitness industry is urgently calling on the Government to reverse the decision to cut EWSS employment supports. The failure to retain the scheme at November levels is a severe blow to the leisure, health and fitness industry.  

Karl Dunne, CEO of Ireland Active the Leisure, Health and Fitness Association, states that retaining the EWSS at November levels until April 2022 is essential to sustain livelihoods. He says: “Against the backdrop of increased restrictions and the implications of general public health guidance, it is apparent that the basis for Budget 22 no longer applies. This is a serious blow for our sector with business levels still well below pre-pandemic levels, and Government employment supports significantly reduced.” 

“It is a major shock to the industry that the decision to reduce employment supports has not been revised to reflect the seriously decreased trading conditions within the leisure health and fitness industry. Furthermore, it is enormously damaging to our members and their ability to maintain their staffing levels given the continued financial burden they are under.” 

Ireland Active urge the Government to recognise the difficulties the industry is facing. The full reopening of society we had all hoped for has not materialised, and employment supports must reflect this. A commitment must be given to those working in our industry, who are now facing a very difficult and challenging few months ahead. The Government has worked with us over the last 20 months, and we call on them now to continue to support businesses in the leisure, health and fitness sector, or we could see much of this progress undone.