Ireland Active is deeply concerned that Cabinet has signed off on plans permitting Hairdressers / Barbers and non-essential retail to reopen in May whilst keeping Gyms and Swimming Pools closed until 7th June. The fact that Government has signed off on such plans, considering Gyms and Swimming Pools reopened simultaneously as Hairdressers/ Barbers and non-essential retail after the last lockdown makes this an inequitable decision and without rationale. It was our firm understanding that Gyms and Swimming Pools would reopen in tandem with Hairdressers / Barbers and non-essential retail as per the reopening in June and November 2020.

Over the last year, Gyms and Swimming Pools have introduced extensive safety measures relating to the training of staff, operation, and the layout of their facilities. Ireland Active is calling for a fair and equitable solution by allowing Gyms and Swimming Pools to reopen alongside Hairdressers / Barbers and non-essential indoor retail along with added industry-specific supports.