Upcoming Course:

CARA Inclusive Fitness Training

  • Dates Available:
    • 11th February 2021
    • 15th April 2021
    • 17th June 2021
    • 12th August 2021
    • 14th October 2021
    • 25th November 2021
  • Times: 10am – 2pm
  • Venue: Zoom (online course)

This 3.5 Hour introductory course is specifically designed to help increase the confidence and awareness of fitness managers, fitness professionals and all front-line staff to work with people with disabilities and to help make their gym, fitness centers and programmes more accessible to people with disabilities. This workshop is interactive and engaging ensuring there is active learning throughout. All participants will have a chance to reflect on their own practice and facility throughout this workshop and gain a new perspective on inclusion.

Course Certification

On completion of the course all participants will receive a Cara Certificate of Attendance which is endorsed by Sport Ireland.

The training will provide access to resources that will increase the knowledge of those working in the Fitness Sector to create inclusive environments and programme. All course participants will receive a PDF Resource Manual.

The following areas will be covered:
Section 1: Perception and Experiences
Section 2: Understanding Disabilities
Section 3: Inclusion
Section 4: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers
Section 5: Language and Etiquette
Section 6: Working with People with Disabilities
Section 7: Pre-screening, Assessment and Information Gathering
Section 8: Planning and Teaching the TREE Adaptation Tool
Section 9: Facility Access

Course Resources

  • Inclusive Fitness Training manual
  • Screening and Assessment Fact sheet
  • Tree Model Factsheet
  • Working With PWD Fact sheet

Cost of the Course:

Normally €50 per person.

€20 for Ireland Active Members via the Leisure, Health & Fitness Skillnet