Ireland Active are encouraging continued regular participation in physical activity either at home or outdoors, while practising good social distancing and adherence to HSE guidelines. Physical activity plays a key role in maintaining good physical and mental health. Moderate-intensity physical activity is associated with better immune function and can help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety, which many of you may be experiencing in the wake of COVID-19. We are encouraging the public to follow IrelandActive or REPs Ireland on social media to discover a host of home workout videos, exercise plans & tutorials and tips on keeping active developed by Ireland’s leading gyms and exercise professionals. Facilities and participants are encouraged to upload thier videos using the hashtag #KeepIrelandActive

Facilities: Tag us in your workout video and we will share them @Irelandactive or REPs Ireland

General Public: Get involved by uploading your photo or video or how you are keeping active with the help of our local lesiure facility, tag @irelandactive with the hashtag #KeepIrelandActive