Framework for Safe Operation- Version 5

Framework for safe operation version 5
Swimming lessons update 02.06.2021


The framework provides detailed advice on the necessary systems to be implemented, to instill public confidence and to operate safely whilst adhering to public health advice and Government protocols. This framework is part of a host of supports we are providing our members to help the sector recover and re-open safely.

The Return to Sport Expert Group have reviewed the Ireland Active Framework for Safe Operation (version 5) and are satisfied that it is in line with government requirements.

The Framework for Operation (version 5 – which supersedes previous versions) is not intended to be exhaustive advice or legal advice. It should be read in conjunction with all updated government advice and guidelines.

Swimming lessons will recommence on the 7th June. Swimming lessons are the only exemption to the indoor individual training rule. Please see update on swimming lessons.

Please email with any feedback on this framework so that we can work with our members and government on addressing the industry’s requirements. Please note submissions are open to members-only, if you would like to find out more about becoming a member read more here or contact us