Swimming Pool Grant

We would like to like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who applied and was successful in the Swimming Pool Grant allocation. We would also like to thank our partners in Swim Ireland for their assistance and partnership on this project and in our joint efforts on lobbying for supports for the sector over the last year.

We are now pleased to announce the Government has allocated an additional sum of seven hundred thousand euros (€700k) to Sport Ireland in order to provide further assistance to swimming pools in the Republic of Ireland (the Fund).  

Sport Ireland has once again designated Ireland Active to administer this additional funding and to allocate the Fund, working with our partners in Swim Ireland. We’d like to thank Sport Ireland for their continued support of Swimming and the aquatic community.



Who is not eligible to apply?

  • individuals;
  • swimming pools that are not open on or before the Closing Date, for reasons other than the operation of Level 4 or Level 5 or other Public Health Restrictions, or pools who do not intend to re-open before 31st March 2021; and
  • swimming pools that are not publicly accessible

Key Dates

  • Applications will open on Monday 4th January 2021 (the Opening Date);
  • Applications will close on Monday 18th January 2021 at 5pm (the Closing Date);


For any queries or further information about this process, please contact: info@irelandactive.ie
01-6251192. Please note that the office will be closed between the 18th December 2020 – 4th
January 2021.

To be eligible to apply to the Fund, the swimming pool must be:

To be eligible to apply to the Fund, the swimming pool must be:

  • based within the Republic of Ireland;
  • publicly accessible (this includes both publicly and privately owned swimming pools);
  • open on or before the Closing Date, save where;
    1. the pool is prohibited from opening due to the operation of Level 4 or Level 5 Public Health Restrictions; and/or
    2. the pool is closed but intending to open before 31st March 2021 (in line with Government restrictions).
  • compliant with legal requirements for operation, including but not limited to, Covid-19 best practice, return to work protocols, general health and safety, public health and safeguarding regulations, and tax compliance.
  • Only one application per swimming pool facility will be accepted
  • Applications that were already accepted in the initial allocation of funding (€2.5million) do not need to re-apply. Their application will be automatically be deemed eligible however the Steering Group may decide to include new criteria and /or a cap on funding as per E1 above.
  • Applicants that withdrew from the initial process or did not provide information in a timely manner are eligible to be included in this second round of funding provided they still fit the criteria outlined above and provide all the required information and documentation for this second round of funding. There will be no retrospective access to funding from the first round of funding

Grant Application

  • Prior to completion of the application please ensure you review the provided documentation.
  • This will help you prepare in advance of the application process opening on January 4th 2021. There is a requirement to provide mandatory documentation which may take you some time to prepare and collate.

These documents outline all that is required of the online application, please note you will not be able to login or save the application while in progress.